Making a difference in Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland educational markets.


Modular Concepts, Inc. has been a regional leader in sales, engineering, project management and installation of institutional and educational casework  and laboratory projects for over 24 years.  Currently, we are ranked among the top 5 dealers in sales for both TMI Systems Design Corp. and Diversified Woodcrafts, Inc, both of whom are nationally recognized leaders in their respective industries.  We offer AIA accredited luncheon seminars covering a wide range of casework and fume hood related topics. 


Project Management

Our project management department is driven by folks with extensive experience in the successful overall completion of your projects. Their extensive knowledge and coordination with our clients facilitates on time deliveries and the most experienced installers in the industry are the finishing touch. Installation is one of our core competencies and we leverage that to enhance our project management package to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of each project from engineering through punch list completion.  Seeing a project through the eyes of an installer can help avoid conflicts in the field once the product arrives on site.  Thereby, each of our project managers is required to spend at least 2 days per month in the field, working with our installers.  This allows them to fully comprehend the overall scope of their projects through hands-on management experience.


To date, Modular Concepts, Inc. is the only dealer representative in the tri-state area to employ 100% of their own installation force, and for good reason.  Overall customer service and consistency throughout all operations are paramount to any successful business.  With the installation of any project being one of the most significant pieces of the puzzle, why would you want to trust those responsibilities to a pool of subcontractors?  Installation is where this company got it’s start and continues to be one of the cornerstones of our success on each and every project.  All of our installers are factory certified, uniformed technicians, with experience ranging from 21 years to 8 years.  There are no better installers in the industry, period!